And now write for you this song…

- Deuteronomy 31:19

The Torah is the holiest and most precious article in Jewish life. For thousands of years the Jewish people have studied the Torah and lived by its laws, part of an unbroken chain that began some 3,330 years ago. In times of great joy, we hold it high, a symbol of G‑d’s eternal commitment to us. In times of need, we pray in its presence, acknowledging our unbreakable connection to G‑d.

Remarkably, despite years of upheaval and suffering, not one of the Torah’s 304,805 letters has ever been changed. The words we read in the synagogue today are exactly as they were prescribed by G‑d and transcribed by Moses.

Our sages taught that a letter in the Torah corresponds to the soul and spiritual identity of each of us. Just as each letter is an essential part of the Torah, so too each and every one of us is of utmost importance and constitutes an essential and integral part of our people. According to tradition, this unity holds the key to a safer and better world.

The very last Mitzvah in the Torah…

The final Mitzvah that Moses communicated to us in the Torah is the Mitzvah to write a Torah. It is an honor and great Mitzvah to participate in the writing of a Torah. By endowing a letter, word, or sentence for yourself, your children, your family members, or friends, it is as though you have written your own Torah Scroll, thus fulfilling this special Mitzvah.

Chabad of Columbia County has commissioned a scribe to write a new Torah Scroll for the physical and spiritual benefit of our community. This Torah will give us all the opportunity to unite though this special Mitzvah.

We invite you to join us in writing history, fulfill the Mitzvah of writing a Torah Scroll uniting Jews from every background by endowing a letter, word or sentence in the CommUnity Torah for each member of your family. You also have the option of dedicating various special selections in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Now, you can fulfill this Mitzvah.